Taryn and Roger

This wedding had extra special meaning for me. I have known Roger since I was 3 years old. We have been friends throughout the years. When I found out that Roger was going to marry Taryn I was so happy for him. They are absolutely perfect for each other. I was so fortunate to be there on their wedding day!

Rain on your wedding day brings good luck. Not many people know where this saying comes from but the meaning of it is simple. When you tie a knot, it is much harder to untie when it is wet. The rain was perfect because these two have a bond that will not be broken. 

If you have not had the chance to visit Hood River, Oregon… I highly recommend you do! It is a beautiful area with quaint little shops, hiking trails and amazing views. Also, if you are looking for a spectacular wedding venue, take a look at The Griffin House. The house is really beautiful and the views….oh boy…the views.

Taryn did such a wonderful job decorating, her custom jacket was soooo cool, and wow did she look stunning! Roger’s two sons both looked so handsome and you just gotta love the shoes 🙂 There were a couple more stars of the day though….the two fur babies, Caesar and Melia were sporting some sophisticated collars. They were still willing to let their tongues hang out though! 

I know this wedding probably sounds to good to be true. Just check out the wedding film and see for yourself!