I met her at the bus stop. She was my high school sweetheart. Now she’s my wife! Everyone has a love story they will never forget. Your wedding day can be remembered forever too!

I have always loved filmmaking. Yep, I was the nerd running around with a video camera in my hand everywhere I went. While the jocks and cheerleaders were doing what they do, I was the one editing their videos for the broadcast journalism class. I had no idea I would love creating wedding films until I actually fell in love myself.  The love for my wife, what marriage means to me, and the passion I have for filmmaking has brought me to this place  today. I consider it an absolute honor to be there for your wedding day…and I hope we can be friends along the way too 🙂

OK now for the full disclosure….ready?

My wife got me hooked on watching “Friends”.  I love “The Office” (she can’t stand it). I like every kind of music (I gravitate towards a strange mix of classic rock, old school rap, 80’s , anything from Blue October, Macklemore, Foo Fighters, and much more) and I love sci-fi movies. Oh and one more thing…I am a total Star Wars nerd!